Night Ritual

Night Ritual

Going out, alone, into a dark place might be a little scary.

We are taught to fear darkness, the unseen & the unknown. This ritual is designed for us to practice receiving darkness. In darkness, visual stimuli are reduced, opening us to more subtle signals. There is a whole dark world for us to experience and we can tune our senses to the unseen.


Choose a night when you can visit a dark place in the outdoors, ideally a natural spot without city lights. Consider a place you might go...

Did a specific place come to you right away? Where? Is it possible for you to go there? If a place did not call to you immediately, you can use your imagination for now and watch & wait for a place to reveal itself to you.


Do you have access to an open, natural space? If that is not available to you right now, then I want you to repeat this exercise that we are about to do. This is practice and preparation for your own Night Ritual.

Download the full ritual HERE.