Hear Medicine Keeper students share the personal challenges and benefits of practicing this work and how the program is meaningful in their lives.


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M.V. -Vacaville, CAlifornia

Medicine keeper graduate

Medicine Keepers helped guide me in the direction I want to walk in life – learning about myself and connecting with the natural world on a deeper level. Kirra is amazing. I am grateful for the compassion and time she gives to us and to the plants.

S.M. -Oakland, california

medicine keeper graduate

I can’t believe how much material Kirra covers each session. It’s a great source of joy and brings balance and “reality“ to my tech hyperdrive life. These classes are worth the time commitment and no matter what your level of plant knowledge, there is plenty to learn. There’s tremendous value offered each time and usually some unexpected magic, too!

L.B. -Portland, ORegon

It’s difficult to know how you might touch someone or when. You might never know the impact you are having. Sometimes I feel as though we are in a race to the finish line and against time. No day passes without some thoughts which travel to Kirra and the lovely plants I now have growing in my space. I am so grateful for the classes I was able to attend and the insight I gained from her offerings. Thank you!

C.H. -menlo park, California

Medicine Keepers has offered a touchstone of sanity in my life, given that I spend most of my time in an office job where no one thinks much about the relationships of all beings and our relationship to Earth. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in understanding the wide range of ways humans and plants are connected and to anyone who is open to recognizing the plant kingdom as a world of beings with their own agency and consciousness.

Photo by D. Block

Photo by D. Block