Psychedelic Support

Initiation into the mysteries is just the beginning!

Psychedelic and spiritual awakenings alter our lives in unforeseen ways. All too often, the potency of peak experience is overemphasized, catapulting unprepared seekers into the deep end and leaving initiates disoriented and untended after they emerge.

Diving deep requires courage, surrender and trust. I offer non-dogmatic counsel, guidance and applied techniques for those seeking to prepare well and clarify their intent before entering ceremony.

Likewise, returning to the rhythms and responsibilities of daily life after an explosion of new insights and questions is a grand challenge.

I offer confidential, nonjudgmental support and teach ritual technologies and earth-based practices for easing your integration process. Prioritizing your integration is critical for digesting difficult journeys, maximizing the healing potential of your experiences and navigating your life path.

Initiation into the mysteries is just the beginning! Are you ready for the next step? Schedule a Preparation or Integration session now or book a free 20min consultation to find out if this work is a good fit for you.

Education & Resources

Safety Tips for Ceremony Participants published by the Women’s Visionary Congress.

Best Practices for selecting a prospective guide, preparing yourself for initiation and integration by The Conclave.

Techniques for Integration & Grounding by The Conclave.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction Training Manual courtesy of the Zendo Project.

Peer Integration Circles in the Bay Area hosted by ERIE.

Peer Support Groups by the San Francisco Psychedelic Society.

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Listen to my free 30min talk on Spiritual Ecosystems: Relational Technologies for Navigating Non-Ordinary States Learn ways to strengthen relationships within your guides, ancestors and helping spirits to potentiate journey work, access greater wisdom and ease the integration of peak experiences.